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Dream Big With An Income Producing Horse Farm (Special Interest to UK Investors)

Have you ever wanted to own a horse? Everyone as a kid wanted a monkey, a horse or in my case a Koala Bear. One great thing about being a REALTOR® is that you can enjoy various types of properties and experience lifestyles, and properties that you have dreamed about.  Even if you can’t necessarily afford them, it is so much fun to visit with sellers and potential buyers and market these great properties.

One example is a great horse farm located in Allentown NJ that we just listed at Exit Prestige Realty.  This established horse farm property boasts:

Sixty nine (69) acres of usable land, fully functional and income producing with numerous highlights including 70 12’x12′ box stalls (main barn),80’X200′ Fully enclosed indoor arena with climate controlled spectators lounge, dedicated hay and grain storage bldg, 110′ x 250′ outdoor arena, 60′ Round pen, 35 huge paddocks, Seven individual saddling/grooming rooms with cross ties,blanket racks,climate controlled tack room, stall-overhead fans and so much more.  There is a beautiful stream and a bucolic setting.  Let your dreams come true on this fantastic fantasy horse farm.




Want more info?  Email me at or call me at 732-492-7126.



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I looked in the mirror this morning and thought to myself when did the years creep up on me?  I was a toddler yesterday now I am my father’s age when I was 16 years old.  When I get together with other Boomers I hear the same story from everyone.  Their daily concerns revolve around the aches and pains they feel now but never felt before, college tuition, unmarried kids still at home, boomerang kids that came back and can’t leave, aging parents, tough bosses, in peril jobs, the lists go on and on.  These are very real fears, anxieties and concerns.

They look and feel exhausted, worn out and worried.  They are weighed down.  Women, the traditional care-takers and still the ones primarily that carry the heaviest load of responsibility are not the only ones that feel the pressure but they seem to have more weighing on them.  The men do as well, especially if they are the bread winners and are concerned over ageism managing them out of their jobs.

What can you do?  Well the root of all this is fear.  Fear is usually not your friend unless you are swimming toward shore with a shark in tow – then the fear adrenalin rush is your friend.  Many of us feel like that though, especially with looming concerns. 

Jesus is quoted as saying “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  The gist of this good advice is that worrying is useless.  The first part really refers to prayer and trust in God.  The second part is that worry can’t change anything.  One way to allay fear is to prepare.  When a storm is coming the media scares people silly, however, some intelligent reporters allay fears by giving advice on how to prepare to weather the storm and maybe even enjoy yourself while the lights are out.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Here are some suggestions to help with the pressures of life.  Preparation is key.

I always recommend prayer.  I pray with my wife before making financial decisions and really before I undertake anything.  I ask for Wisdom, guidance and help to make the right decisions.

I make lists of what I want to do.  Every January I update all my information.  I have files and paperwork which give clear directions and roadmaps to assets, medical, contact numbers, passwords etc…  That way if I kick, whoever has to get things in order will have an easy time of it.

Boomers have so much to contend with and very little time and energy to do what needs to be done.  I pick a Saturday that is rainy or snowy or if I have a vacation day available during the week or a lazy Sunday I use it to sit down in my home office, pull out all the paper work I need to update and enjoy a cup of coffee and a good radio station while I organize.  It is quite peaceful.  Lock the door and tell everyone you will be busy for two hours.  No cell phones.  No interruptions.  I know, I know, easier said than done but Boomers can do anything they put their minds to.

OK – first things first.  Organize yourself, then you can organize parents (if need be) and kids.  I use an excellent resource from CSA which I will be happy to email to you upon request called the Information for Life Kit.  It is a pre-printed guide with fill-in forms for all your important information.


Some Suggestions on Organizing Your Life

1.    Everyone should have a will.  It is relatively inexpensive to have a lawyer do it or you can download one from the web.  Check the internet for your state’s requirements on what constitutes a valid will.  I think it is worth having an attorney draw one up;  I can provide web sites that will suggest attorneys and other professionals upon request;


2.    Everyone should have a Living Will;


3.    If your assets are considerable speak with an Elder Care attorney about establishing a Trust;


4.    Create a list of assets, medications, doctors’ names and addresses, phone numbers, passwords, instructions etc… (E-mail me and I will be happy to email you back a copy of the Information for Life Kit by CSA);


5.    Boomers should look into long term health care insurance.  My wife and I are planning on applying now while we are healthy.  God willing we will never need it.  Many Boomers are looking into Long Term HealthCare Insurance.   In short this is the definition as provided by CSA:  “Long-term care is care that is provided for a wide range of medical, personal and social services for an extended period of time. Your health care professional determines that you have a chronic problem, lasting 90 days or more, and you will need substantial assistance. Care levels include assistance with daily activities, home health care, adult daycare, care in an assisted living community or nursing home. Supervision at home or in a facility is included if you have a severe cognitive impairment – memory or reasoning loss. Long-term care is intended to maintain and support an individual’s existing level of health, to preserve his or her health from further decline or to manage a deteriorating condition as safely as possible.”


6.    Everyone should consider their current health issues and those of their aging parents and how they may progress for the better or worse.  If for the worse then a plan should be put in place to arrange for home health care, paying of bills, laundry and house cleaning, shopping and meal preparation.  Family members should all have roles (it should never fall on one child if there are siblings).  Impose on your children and siblings if they are reluctant.


7.    Plans to care for pets should also be made;


8.    I would also suggest funeral arrangement preparations (at the very least buying burial plots);If a religious service is desired, prepare a request list to be carried out;


9.    De-clutter.  I am a big believer in de-cluttering in general.  Every year we de-clutter and get rid of stuff we haven’t used in at least 6 months.  The good things get donated to charity the garbage such as old paper documents and things that are not salvageable etc… are tossed.  There are actually services that will help you de-clutter if you need it.  They are reasonably priced and are very popular these days.  Trust me that old clock that hasn’t worked in 15 years gathering dust in your basement is NOT worth keeping. 


10.  Sell your old jewelry, especially if you think it will be a bone of contention when you pass.  Use the proceeds to take a trip.

It is very important to nourish yourself in body, mind and spirit.  Don’t wait for a New Year to make a resolution.  Make little resolutions every day, nothing big.  Big ones always fade.  For example don’t take on a diet that will make you unhappy just eat healthy once or twice a week.  Make it fun.  Exercise is always a hard one for me.  I try to do something exercisey every once in a while.  Maybe make it a point to exercise twice a week be it a walk around the block or a walk on the boardwalk in Spring Lake.  I enjoy bike riding at the shore or the Manasquan Reservoir.  Have some alone time (even if it is just a good soak in a hot tub).  Make a list of books to read over the summer.  Go out with friends. Enjoy life.  Enjoy friends and family.  Pray, golf, fish, travel, eat out, exercise, go dancing, have a cocktail party with a small group of loved ones, take up a new hobby, mend broken fences, and reunite with a relative you haven’t seen or spoken with in years.  Take time to forgive old hurts and then forget them (easier than you might imagine).  The Boomer years can be the greatest years.

My wife and I love going disco dancing these days at the Battleground Country Club.  I lovingly call it 54 on Geritol but it is a great experience.  For a couple of hours twice a month we are kids again, with other Boomers who are kids again too, if only in our minds.

You don’t need a ton of money to enjoy these years, you don’t have to be in perfect health all you need is to make a personal decision to do it and have fun.

Live la dolce vita.  Padre Pio used to say – “Pray, hope and don’t worry.”  Try it – it works.







ImageSageing rather than aging.  This is the new mindset of people entering the next stage of life.  The BOOMERS.  What a great generation.  What a great club to belong to.  I personally love the idea and the characterization of the new lifestyle of Boomers.  Although I am considered a Gen X, I am on the cusp of being a Boomer having been born in 1965 and quite honestly I think of myself more as a Boomer.  I relate to the Boomers well and fancy myself a Late Boomer (pun intended).

We always looked up to our elders when we were kids.  Sometimes the elder was our 30 year old school teacher or 50 year old President or our 40 year old dad or mom.  They were wise.  They were our sages.  Recent movies have various Sages be it a Yoda character, a Marlon Brando Godfather figure full of wise advice for his children, a religious figure or even our children or grandchildren can at times come out with “sage advice”.  But we, the Boomers have risen to that next level.  We are the sages of this generation and that is why I love the recently coined term Sageing.  Sageing not aging.  A sage is wise and introspective.

Sageing is introspection simply put.  It is utilizing our years of experience and doing something for ourselves.  Opening a business we always wanted to open perhaps or taking up a hobby we never had time for or sharing our wisdom with kids in a classroom setting or via a webinar or YouTube.  It might be writing a novel or cookbook.  Playing golf or just watching the grass grow.  It will be whatever you want it to be.  After all we are Sageing not aging.

Live life to its fullest the best way you can. My dad always says “knowledge is the key to success and power”, that is sage advice.  I am offering resource information free of charge to anyone interested.  No charge.  No catch.  Please feel free to email me and request my list of “Boomer Websites” or one or all of the following Certified Senior Advisors Guides:

“Information for Life Kit” with attached forms to fill in providing you and your family members with vital information on finances, medications, asset lists, medical advance directives and so much more.  This booklet has been invaluable to me and my family. 

“BASICS” – things you need to know about Social Security, Medicare Supplements, Medicare, Medicaid, In Home care, Long Term Care Insurance and Senior Housing; and for our Vets –

“Understanding Veterans Benefits” a resource for Seniors. 

I am not selling anything. These resources from CSA are provided free to you.  Knowledge is a powerful thing.

I am a licensed REALTOR® Associate with Exit Prestige Realty in Freehold.  I serve the people of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  If you are planning on buying and/or selling a home contact me for a free Comparative Market Analysis and consultation.  You may contact me by phone, my cell is 732-492-7126 or e-mail me at or visiting my web site at


Have a great weekend and love life – it is good.



ImagePRESS RELEASE: Howell, New Jersey

February 22, 2014 – Edward Monti, REALTOR® Associate with Exit Prestige Realty serving home sellers and buyers in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, has been awarded the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation by the Seniors Real Estate Specialist Council of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), REALTOR® University. 

This designation is only given to agents that successfully complete a comprehensive course in understanding the needs, considerations and goals of real estate sellers and buyers age 55 and older.  The SRES course, designed and conferred by the National Association of REALTORS®, addresses topics such as distinguishing characteristics and trends related to the 55 and older population, housing, finance and retirement income considerations of those consumers; outreach methods for building 55 and older clientele; and counseling strategies to help clients and customers (and their family and friends) plan ahead for life transitions.

Ed has over 11 years in the real estate industry working as a paralegal, buying and selling homes and in real estate speculation.  Additionally, Ed has worked in the financial sector for over 17 years and as an entrepreneur for more than four years.  Ed enjoys serving the people in his community and beyond and has reciprocal relationships with industry experts and REALTORS® throughout New York and New Jersey.  He looks forward to helping the people of Monmouth and Ocean Counties realize their real estate dreams.  Ed resides in Howell, NJ.  You may contact Ed by cell at 732-492-7126, e-mail at  or by visiting his web site at




FSBO is the industry term for “For Sale By Owner”.  I recently told an acquaintance of mine that I am now a licensed real estate sales person.  I have some excellent ideas on 21st Century marketing which will distinguish me from the pack.   He gave me a Cheshire Cat smile and informed me that he instructs people on how to sell their homes without a broker.  Apparently some folks regard real estate sales people as no better than used car salesmen.  I asked him for the web site which he provided me and then qualified his condescending remarks about FSBOs (pronounced FIZBOWS) by saying “yeah, but it is a pain in the “butt” to do it on your own.

NO KIDDING!  I tried it when I was selling my home in Brooklyn 14 years ago.  It was stressful and in retrospect very dangerous.  You have no idea who will be ringing your bell.  No pre-qualifications and no chaperone (the sales agent) accompanying the potential buyer to the home.  You have no idea if Charles Manson is paying you a visit.  All an FSBO thinks about is saving that commission fee.  After all what in the world is the agent doing to earn that commission anyway?  Well, let me tell you what I will do:

I provide a Competitive Market Analysis which helps the seller decide on a price to give them an idea what similar priced homes are selling for;

I will preview the home and provide upon request a staging analysis and in certain cases help with ‘Curb Appeal;

I Market your home using my own personal resources (financial, professional connections, sphere of influence, advertisements, etc…) – I have skin in the game also and it is my fiduciary obligation to represent my seller in the best way possible protecting their interests FIRST;

I will pre-qualify all potential buyers.  I will make sure that anyone I bring to your home has the capability of being a ready, willing and able buyer.  I know who they are and where they live so to speak;

I will facilitate getting the offer processed once an offer is made and draw up the contract;

I will be a problem solver and intervene on behalf of the seller to resolve any issues that might arise in the best interest of the seller;

I will arrange to get or assist the seller to obtain proper township approvals (e.g. a Certificate of Occupancy) and arrange to have utilities suspended among other check list items;

I will recommend various professionals (attorneys, title companies, lenders) and help the sellers with re-location in or out of state; and

Assist with the facilitation of the closing.

These are just a few things sales professionals do among many other things.  As professionals we are obligated to make sure we represent YOUR best interest!  We have taken the required courses, received our certificates and are licensed with the State of New Jersey.  Every two years we are obligated to take a continuing education course consisting of at least 12 hours of study.  Many of us take other certification courses all at our own expense to provide the public with the best service available.  We are committed to getting you the highest fair market price for your home.  We are aware of the strong personal attachments people have to their homes and I am sensitive to the stress that selling and/or buying a home can cause.  I have been there a few times myself.  My goal is to make this experience a pleasant, happy one.  While anyone can list and sell their homes and many do and in most cases it is a safe experience based on my experiences I would NEVER do it myself again (even now that I am a licensed professional).  The cast of characters I allowed to enter my home without knowing who they were or if they were qualified or even if they were really potential buyers makes me shutter now.

Unfortunately, at the time we were trying to sell our first home FSBO we were unaware of identity theft.  We let a group in to preview the house and while we were distracted they stole personal information from my wife and stole her identity.  They used her personal information allowing them to make illegal charges at stores and even attempted to take out a loan from a bank in her name.  They were successful in making charges at jewelry stores in Boston but we were able to stop them cold.  Now my wife has a block on all her accounts, we filed police reports, at the time we even put locks on our mail-box.  It was difficult for her to apply for various forms of financing even buying a car because of all the blocks on her identity.  Not to mention all the paranoia! We suffered all this aggravation because I was trying to save a few bucks on the back end by not using a trusted professional.  FSBO should really stand for Forsake Safety By Owner.

I would love to earn your business.  If you are interested in selling your home, buying a home or leasing a home in New Jersey please email me at  I promise you white glove treatment and a pleasant experience.  No pressure presentations and a free Competitive Market Analysis.



Haunted House

Have a haunted house for sale? You better disclose it to potential purchasers. In New Jersey, real estate agents and sellers are required to disclose to potential buyers if there are psychological impairments inherent in the property including if the house is haunted. Full disclosure is paramount. The most written about case of a haunted house involved Jeffrey and Patrice Stambovsky of Nyack, N.Y. and the $650,000 Victorian home they bought near the Hudson River. Helen Ackley, the owner of the four-bedroom, two-bathroom property had decided to retire to Florida, and when she put up the house for sale she failed to inform the buyers and realtor about her ghostly tenants. Her story of a friendly ghost was publicized in local papers and even appeared in Reader’s Digest.

So what do you think happened? If you guessed that the buyers sued you would be correct. The buyers won on appeal. What is the moral of the story? DISCLOSE ALL MATERIAL DEFECTS IN WRITING!

The National Association of Realtors published their Haunted Real Estate Survey:

41% of respondents would buy a place with reported ghost sightings 36% of respondents wouldn’t object to levitating objects 15% of respondents would pay full market value of the home 19% of respondents would take a 31-50% discount

Would you knowingly buy a haunted house? Do you have a haunted house story? I’d love to hear it. If it is brief enough to fit in my blog I will be happy to print it in my October blog for Halloween. E-mail it to me at

Back in Brooklyn, my next door neighbor had a haunted house. We were attached on one side. It was a brick house built in the late 1920s. They would tell us about all the weird happenings they experienced. Their guests saw doors open and slam shut without cause or explanation. Objects levitated. They saw black shadow men and smelled tobacco smoke (no one in their house smoked). Once when I was visiting them a book violently flew off a bookshelf across the room. Needless to say I avoided going next door very often and when I did I always had my Rosary beads and a vial of holy water. Thankfully, I never saw anything like that happen there again. They sold their home in 2004 for $425,000.

I spoke with a Realtor from New York who was unaware of the haunted house case. He rightly concluded that it would fall under the rules of disclosure. He stated he would not accept the listing. I would. In fact, I would market the house as haunted. As the survey shows almost half of potential buyers would be buy a haunted house under some circumstances. Stigmatized properties will always be problematic. As a Sales Associate we are bound by ethics to always do the right thing. So if you have ghosts it may be prudent to disclose. You still may have a specter of a chance at getting full list price. Ya never know.

Words of Wisdom: “The major fortunes in America have been made in land.” -John D. Rockefeller

The ideas expressed in this report reflect my own personal views and opinions and are for reflection and personal discernment only and should not be relied upon as legal or investment advice. The foregoing report is for information only. No warranties are made regarding the truth or accuracy of this information and I specifically disclaim any and all liability for any reliance placed upon the materials that are here published. Always consult your lawyer for legal advice in matters of private or business importance. Nothing published in the Monti Real Estate Monitor should be construed as investment advice or as a solicitation to buy or sell any kind of financial instruments or Real Estate.