ImageSageing rather than aging.  This is the new mindset of people entering the next stage of life.  The BOOMERS.  What a great generation.  What a great club to belong to.  I personally love the idea and the characterization of the new lifestyle of Boomers.  Although I am considered a Gen X, I am on the cusp of being a Boomer having been born in 1965 and quite honestly I think of myself more as a Boomer.  I relate to the Boomers well and fancy myself a Late Boomer (pun intended).

We always looked up to our elders when we were kids.  Sometimes the elder was our 30 year old school teacher or 50 year old President or our 40 year old dad or mom.  They were wise.  They were our sages.  Recent movies have various Sages be it a Yoda character, a Marlon Brando Godfather figure full of wise advice for his children, a religious figure or even our children or grandchildren can at times come out with “sage advice”.  But we, the Boomers have risen to that next level.  We are the sages of this generation and that is why I love the recently coined term Sageing.  Sageing not aging.  A sage is wise and introspective.

Sageing is introspection simply put.  It is utilizing our years of experience and doing something for ourselves.  Opening a business we always wanted to open perhaps or taking up a hobby we never had time for or sharing our wisdom with kids in a classroom setting or via a webinar or YouTube.  It might be writing a novel or cookbook.  Playing golf or just watching the grass grow.  It will be whatever you want it to be.  After all we are Sageing not aging.

Live life to its fullest the best way you can. My dad always says “knowledge is the key to success and power”, that is sage advice.  I am offering resource information free of charge to anyone interested.  No charge.  No catch.  Please feel free to email me and request my list of “Boomer Websites” or one or all of the following Certified Senior Advisors Guides:

“Information for Life Kit” with attached forms to fill in providing you and your family members with vital information on finances, medications, asset lists, medical advance directives and so much more.  This booklet has been invaluable to me and my family. 

“BASICS” – things you need to know about Social Security, Medicare Supplements, Medicare, Medicaid, In Home care, Long Term Care Insurance and Senior Housing; and for our Vets –

“Understanding Veterans Benefits” a resource for Seniors. 

I am not selling anything. These resources from CSA are provided free to you.  Knowledge is a powerful thing.

I am a licensed REALTOR® Associate with Exit Prestige Realty in Freehold.  I serve the people of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  If you are planning on buying and/or selling a home contact me for a free Comparative Market Analysis and consultation.  You may contact me by phone, my cell is 732-492-7126 or e-mail me at sellfast@edwardmonti.com or visiting my web site at http://www.edwardmonti.com/


Have a great weekend and love life – it is good.




By:  Edward Monti

November 16, 2013

What makes a house a home?  A dog of course.  The great American ideal is still a happy husband and wife, 2.5 kids and a dog.  Dogs rule, no matter the makeup of the household be it a modern family, a couple sans kids, single parents, a single person household whatever.  A dog brings life to a home.  It rounds out the family and brings joy.  I love my baby.  Everyone I know that has a dog smiles as soon as you ask about the dog.  It is an amazing thing.  No matter what’s going on.  As soon as you ask, a big smile comes across their face as if they were actually in the presence of their baby.

It might be a primitive attachment we both have in our DNA that goes way back to when ancient man first started cohabitating with dogs, hunting with them and using them for protection.  Man has a long relationship with domesticated dogs which some say originated in China.  Be that as it may dogs are such a special part of our lives.  They really are God sends in so many ways.

When we were looking for our new home we were searching for a home which would meet the needs of the human inhabitants as well as our family companion.  We wanted room to roam, a fenced in yard, trees, a park to bring him to, a beach close by, a dog park too and no steps getting into the house so when he became a senior citizen he wouldn’t have issues going for walks.

Finding that perfect home includes Fido more often than not.  If you are looking for a new home and your dog is a big consideration make sure you let your REALTOR know.  After all they may have a little bundle of joy themselves.

Happy house hunting.