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BOOMERS’ STUDENT DEBT and other interesting stuff…

Boomers having fun

Boomers having fun

Baby Boomers and student loans and Bankruptcy: Baby Boomers, Seniors are struggling with student loans, most incurred on behalf of their children or grandchildren. What a great people we are. Our parents and grandparents love their children and grandchildren so much that they would incur debt to insure their progeny get an education that may secure good jobs. But what happens if Boomers and Seniors find themselves in financial trouble in their golden years?

Relief from student loans is limited. They are no longer dischargeable in a bankruptcy but many courts including courts in New Jersey may allow the loan to be discharged as a result of undue hardship. If you are carrying student loan and are facing bankruptcy consult a bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible to find out what your options are.

Reverse Mortgages: Are you 62 or older and find yourself falling short of funds? Are you afraid you will not be able to keep your home? Do you just need a little more money to age in place comfortably? Then a reverse mortgage may be for you. Generally, if you are in good health and intend on staying put for several years the costs associated with obtaining a reverse mortgage may be worth it. There are some misconceptions about reverse mortgages. Before you decide on a reverse mortgage consult with an expert, know your pay-out options (e.g. Line of Credit, Monthly Payout, Lump Sum, Standard, Saver, HECM for purchase of a new home). You will be required to go to housing counseling before you decide on a federally insured reverse mortgage which in my opinion is a great idea. Visit HUD’s website or call 1-800-569-4287.

Just some headlines from Senior Journal that I found of interest:
Spanish Study of Sex Life of Elderly Finds Men Much More Active Than Women

Sexual Satisfaction for Older Women Increases with Age into 80s

Older Adults Using the Internet are More Likely to Engage in Cancer Prevention Behavior

More than Half of Senior Citizens – Age 65 or Older – are Finally Online

Obama Administration Proposes 1.9 Percent Cut in Medicare Advantage Payments
Check out some valuable information for Boomers and Seniors at:


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